Custom Denim 

Design Your Custom Denim Jackets & Embroidered Denim Jackets.

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Customizing denim the way you like it. Offering you assistance on which denim works best for you based on your design and how to achieve your personalized denim jacket in the most convenient way possible. Sharing with you options that range from colours, washes, fabrics and finishes, making this a special; customized experience just for you. We believe it's truly design for difference.


Denim fabrics chosen from some of the best mills around. Giving you the choice to select a type, tone or weight for your custom denim jacket design. From acid wash to rinse wash, mid wash, light or bleach wash, all over tinting, coated or vintage wash. From selvedge or non-selvedge denim to raw or unwashed denim, all available under our roof.

Embroidered Jean Jackets

From the very simplistic to the most intricately elaborate, customizing your denim jacket with embroidery is as diverse a process, as it is flexible. Get your choice of artwork, design or logo embroidered on your custom denim jacket.

Printed & Personalized Denim Jackets

Printed denim is all the rage, so we work with customers to find the right print for their denim jackets. We say the sky is the limit, so the possibilities are endless. Whether through a single motif or overall design, add pizzazz to personality with your Personalized Printed Denim Jacket.